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i-Chain is one of the fastest growing Fixed Asset Management companies in South Africa.

Since its opening in 2000, we have specialised purely in fixed asset management services and software solutions. We have consistently proven ourselves as leaders in providing asset management systems and value-added services to meet the public and private sector requirements locally and Internationally.

Our solutions include physical verifications, building and reconciliation of asset registers, fair market valuations to the provision of systems and technology utilising our locally developed asset management software solutions namely, i-SCAN and i-AMS.

We specialise in enabling both public and private companies to meet their asset management demands in order to comply with Internal and External Asset Audit requirements.

i-Chain is committed to providing world-class asset management systems together with professional services that deliver meaningful results according to each customer’s specific needs. i-Chain is further committed to the implementation of real-world, working solutions and systems, linked to skills transfer, development and empowerment tasks for clients as well as the communities they serve.

Our proven track record, broad customer base and unequalled levels of service mean that we can offer the perfect solution for all asset management requirements. Our key partnerships with leading South African and International companies further extend our knowledge to all spheres of asset management.

i-Chain is a Proudly South African accredited company. This accolade was awarded to i-Chain in early 2005 after our submission detailed our commitment towards the upliftment of the South African economy. In addition to this we are also proud members of SAAMA "Southern African Asset Management Association" which is an asset management governing body.

Vision & Mission

The core vision & mission that creates the foundation for i-Chain.


Our vision is to give our clients Assets Registers they are proud to own, while simultaneously tackling youth unemployment by leveraging familiar technology and imparting real life skills.


Our values to fulfil our mission are at the core of everything we do as a business.

We are committed:

  • To establish and grow a fully coordinated, sustainable and profitable B-BBEE owned fixed asset management company
  • To create a new local success story and role models to inspire courage and confidence in our industry
  • To form a constructive role for the fixed asset management sector in employment and job creation
  • To operate and exist in a principled and ethical business environment
  • To achieve meaningful participation in the South African economy
  • To forge business ventures with local entrepreneurs and establish business through partnerships, joint ventures and cooperative projects
  • To operate in both the public and private sectors as equal business partners, each deserving of the same service and product levels at all times
  • To ensure our actions are development based and that they form part of an integrated planning process
  • To contribute to social upliftment amongst the communities we serve

What we offer

i-Chain offers a variety of products and services to assist in the asset management process.


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Barcodes Labels & Scanners i-Chain has a proven method for barcoding assets and will recommend the best type of barcodes for your specific requirements. All assets to be verified will be barcoded in a consecutive, clear sequence for ease of your records. We provide barcode scanners as well as a number of different barcode labels to suit your specific needs. These include aluminium, silver void and laser etched barcodes.

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i-Scan Verification Software i-Scan is a unique, locally developed system created specifically for the purposes of creating and verifying of asset registers. It easily integrates with existing Asset Management Systems via common data loading files. This essentially means that i-Scan can plug into your asset register and assist you with the verifications. The technology makes use of modern, smart devices to offer you the most advanced, convenient way to verify your assets.

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i-AMS Asset Management Software i-AMS is the world class Fixed Asset Management System that i-Chain has developed to suit the purposes of both the public and private sectors in South Africa.
With ease of use and implementation in mind, i-AMS is purely web-based and offers you the asset lifecycle, complete with asset management features.


  • Physical Asset Verification
  • Data Gathering
  • Barcoding
  • Asset Condition Assessment
  • Reconciliation
  • Fair Market Valuation (FMVs)
  • GRAP/PFMA Financial Tasks
  • Review of Useful Life
  • Review of Residual Values
  • Depreciation Calculations
  • Impairment Testing
  • Fixed Asset Registers
  • Asset Management Training
  • Financial Gap Analysis
  • Training and Support

Physical Asset Verification

The physical asset verification forms the basis for any future asset registers and, as such, a thorough job needs to be done to ensure a solid foundation for the future.
i-Chain makes use of the most technologically advanced method for verifying assets using our in-house developed i-Scan verification technology.


Our qualified reconciliation and financial experts can assist with all financial tasks and specific requirements for your financials.

Training and Support

We assist our clients with developing or reviewing i-Chain is committed to the passing on of valuable asset management skills and the continuous professional development of local communities. To this end, and in our own small way, we endeavour to create real life opportunities through tangible skills transfer, which takes place throughout the entire project. Staff, at the appropriate level, will team up with the project members with the intention to jointly perform the tasks, and in this way impart the necessary asset management skills.

Aerial Asset Inspection

The use of drones in the Asset Management Sector has received a great deal of attention in South Africa.

A diverse range of corporations are using drones to maximise the lifespans, valuation assessments, and conditions of their assets.

By sharing the information collected by drones, companies can improve their asset maintenance programmes, more efficiently and accurately schedule maintenance and track assets, inspect locations where it is difficult and time-consuming to send workers, and create a safer and cost effective working environment, you can monitor and maintain your assets.

Drone usage can also be sent to locations where access is not easily available and track even the smallest detail of your largest asset.

Drone usage can be used for the following:

  • Engineering and Construction
  • Asset and Plant Inspection
  • Infrastructure Inspection
  • Agricultural and Wildlife Monitoring
  • Solar Farms
  • Wind Farms
  • Railways
  • Bridge Inspection
  • Water Pipes

In the inspection world, RPA’s have a distinct cost and safety advantage over using people on ropes, scaffolding, ladders and bucket trucks.

Water Treatment Plant
Solar Farm
Smoke Stack Inspection
Wind Turbine
Power Lines

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